® Kunstschmiede Wilperath 2015

Blacksmith’s workshops We offer a wide range of courses for metal work.

Interested in taking craftwork to a new level?  Want to strike while the iron is hot?

Whether you want to encourage team-building at work or make your own knife,

beginners and advanced learners alike are welcome to join us.

Beginner’s Course

Working with fire, briefing, the forging of pointed tips, stretching, compressing, curling

Intermediate Course

Making your first leaves, cracks, torsion

Advanced Course

Forge welding, beating of metal, creation of tools

What we provide: leather aprons, ear protection and safety glasses

What you need to bring: fireproof clothes and (if possible) steel toe caps (no polyester clothing)



Course duration - by arrangement 60 €/per hour

Groups (max. 3 people) 60 €/per hour (20 € per person)


Participation at your own risk