® Kunstschmiede Wilperath 2015

About us Wilperath’s Ornamental Blacksmith’s

The blacksmith’s workshop for metalwork and metal restoration was founded in 1972 by Christian Traubel in Mannheim (Holzstraße).  As the business grew, more space was needed and the workshop was moved to Altrip (Im Ried) in 1986.


The year 2015 saw the handing over of the successful, well-established business to Martin Wilperath and his wife Katharina, for them to continue the long tradition of high quality and diversity.


Alongside modern metalwork, restoration and reconstruction, locksmith’s work and steel construction works, Wilperath’s is specialized in monument preservation, restoration and reconstruction.


Tradition means maintaining the fire, not worshiping the ashes.  Traditional methods enable them to develop new creations.